The cooperation of Ivanovs and the chamber started when in February, the head of the Chamber, Mrs. Ginta Petra, contacted by Thindividual, visited Ritums studio to have a look at his paintings and to discuss cooperation possibilities. An interesting fact is that in their childhood, not knowing about each other's existence yet, both Ivanovs and Petra had participated in the same drawing competitions for a kids' art magazine, often fighting for the first places.

On Thursday's event, Mr. Ojars Sparitis, the professor at Latvian Academy of Arts and full member of Latvian Academy of Sciences, gave an extensive talk. Sparitis' main interests are the theory and history of Latvian architecture and art in connection with culture of neighbouring countries; sacral art and architecture and also the development of fortifications in the Baltics and contacts between Sweden and Latvia during 17th century. He has published more than 70 articles in Latvia and abroad on the reaserch, theory and protection of cultural heritage. Another interesting fact, during Ritums Ivanovs studies in art academy, Sparitis worked there as a tutor and their paths crossed many times in the corridors of the academy, and it was only now in Ivanovs studio that the two specialists meet and greet. 

Kaisa Kahu of Thindividual on fasion management

The German Chamber of Commerce was created 19 years ago, first as German economic mission to actively support foreign economic relations between Germany and the Baltic countries. AHK has offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius and around 400 members. Its employees have extensive knowledge of relevant national markets and industries, as well as experience and expertise in business representation of the Latvian interests. The chamber supports German companies entering the Baltic market and the Baltic companies in entering the German one. The Chamber works closely with businesses, industry associations and government institutions in the Baltic countries.