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Team pitch won the Wow Award of Balticlab
Kaisa Kahu in Warsaw

And here is a more official press release from Balticlab on what really happened.

Balticlab 2.0 rounds up its Project Development Programme 2014 with a regional panel in Warsaw

Balticlab is a joint initiative by the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the Swedish Institute (SI) to create a network of interdisciplinary talent in the Baltic Sea Region, who collectively link the region, as well as act as future front-runners and innovators in their respective fields.

The Balticlab 2.0: Project Development Programme  concluded its third and final module on 4 May at Concept 13, Warsaw, when it´s 8 interdiciplinary project groups presented and received feedback on their project prototypes from a jury of regional experts including Uffe Elbaek (founder of KaosPilot), Marcus Andersson (Tendensor AB), Klaus Hahn (Volontaire), Torun Ekstrand (Artland), Johanna Olsson (Hyper Island) & Aga Szostek (School of Form). The jury gave special recognition in the shape of a WOW Award to two of the projects, Beach Institute & Frön, while the The Leap team gained recongnition as the project idea with the biggest impact for the Baltic Sea region.

The Balticlab Project Development Programme, currently running for the second year, gathers talented creative professionals and entrepreneurs from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden to different locations around the Baltic Sea for three intensive interdisciplinary project-building modules. The programme is designed to provide them with the necessary perspectives, knowledge and tools for personal development, as well as the creation of innovative project prototypes with the potential for benefiting the region as a whole. 

Balticlab 2.0: Project Development Programme was launched in February 2014, with three interlinked modules in Riga in February, Tallinn in March and Warsaw in May. The 35 participants self-selected themselves into 8 project groups, in which they have been developing ideas linked to their own interests in a regional context. Throughout the spring the groups have been provided with workshop facilities, mentors and inspirational talks from leading regional experts, who have guided their project-development process.

See the programme here.

Meet the programme participants below in our trailer for the upcoming Balticlab documentary: Baltic is the new black