The overall winner of IWP will receive AU$100,000 sponsorship, with their winning Merino wool capsule collection stocked in more than a dozen of the world’s most prestigious fashion retailers. Click here to read NJAL's dedicated essay exploring the enduring iconcity of the International Woolmark Prize, and why it remains one of fashion's biggest prizes.

Together, NJAL and the IWP will transcend geographical borders and reach new, emerging markets like never before. NJAL’s extensive knowledge of emerging fashion centres, its global network of 20,000 emerging designers, and its direct engagement with rising talent globally through educational workshops, trade shows and symposiums means it is especially well placed to guide both The Woolmark Company and IWP to these exciting new territories and its designers, that were all previously overlooked and side-lined by the fashion industry at large. Fashion should never be uniform, and catalysing diversity and eradicating borders is critical for its future.

NJAL is the gatekeeper to the world's largest community of designers, who come from over 180 countries worldwide. Creativity knows no borders, and NJAL's #BlackSheep are a testament to that fact. With the IWP's addition of 36 new countries, who knows whether the next Lagerfeld or Saint Laurent will hail from Ukraine, Georgia or Iceland. In a networked digital-age, geo-political borders are blurring and now the fashion industry is finally catching up, and encouraging accessibility and diversity in multi-faceted ways.

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