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kaisa kahu  •  Mar 20, 2017

Tokyo Fashion Week with Keta's AW17

KETA GUTMANEはデザイナーKeta Gutmaneにより 2013年に設立されたラトビア発のコンテンポラリーウィメンズウェアです。自身の故郷でもある東欧のサブカルチャーをバックグラウンドとしたコレクションを展開しています。東ヨーロッパのカジュアルウェアと、芸術性の高いコンテンポラリーなテーラードの技術を組み合わせたシルエットが特徴です。こだわった生地と、耐久性と機能性のある素材、豊かなウールとシワ加工素材など、遊び心で探求を重ねています。現在では10ヵ国で13店舗のセレクトショップにて取扱いされています。

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kaisa kahu  •  Oct 14, 2016

Autumn activities: Paris Tokyo Miami Geneva Frankfurt

The summer is over and autumn has started with new and rather cool production challenges: preparing for Paris and Tokyo fashion weeks with designer Keta Gutmane. Simultaneously working on Miami Scope art fair, a portrait exhibition in Switzerland and the Feld+Haus gallery 2017 exhibition for painter Ritums Ivanovs.

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kaisa kahu  •  May 09, 2016

Thindividual in Balticlab Contact Book

Recently, Balticlab issued a contacts book incorporating all Estonians that have been taking part of Balticlab. Kaisa Kahu of Thindividual is featured too. in 2014, Kaisa (ET/LV), Andrius (LT), Veera (FI/SV), Kasia (PL/UK) and Henri (ET) aka Team FRÖN won the Balticlab business leadership programme with their prototype of FRÖN, the business development agency for creative industries at the Baltic Sea Region. Balticlab is a joint project and leadership programme by the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute aimed at increasing integration in the Baltic Sea Region through creativity and entrepreneurship.


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kaisa kahu  •  Mar 03, 2015  1

Keta AW15 at Paris fashion week

"The AW15 shields the subtle subconscious, lean feminine energy well in touch with its masculine counterpart. Emphasis on sculptured silhouettes. All black." This is the Keta Gutmane AW15, named "Return". Just wow.  Back from the Week, exhausted, I am taking today off and will mostly inhabit the couch. Paris fashion week with Keta and Krists, our Team Gutmane. The Void showroom we have been doing for 3 seasons now (lifetime of the brand too) lasted for 5 days and every season we return with more confidence, knowledge, buyers, contacts, ideas and inspiration. The competition is tough and talents are born every second (you knew that), but with hard work and 50 other aspects & advantages I can't tell ya, we are on a spectacular path, only to continue strong. Meanwhile (and always), let's enjoy the mindful ride and be thankful for what we already have. Which is a lot.

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