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kaisa kahu  •  Oct 14, 2016

Autumn activities: Paris Tokyo Miami Geneva Frankfurt

The summer is over and autumn has started with new and rather cool production challenges: preparing for Paris and Tokyo fashion weeks with designer Keta Gutmane. Simultaneously working on Miami Scope art fair, a portrait exhibition in Switzerland and the Feld+Haus gallery 2017 exhibition for painter Ritums Ivanovs.

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kaisa kahu  •  Sep 30, 2014

Paris fashion week & Void showroom

Team Gutmane and its SS15 collection returned from Paris yesterday. Boy what a week! Full of meetings, showroom work 9h and beyond every day and some fashion events, plus seeing the fashion week crowds on street, a truly inspiring experience like always. A promising 2nd season of brand Gutmane. Next up: Riga fashion week starting Oct. 28 and Keta's catwalk. keta gutmane at void showroom september 2014

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kaisa kahu  •  Mar 12, 2014

Première Vision and Void, check!

After almost three weeks spent in Paris, France, I am back in Riga! Whilst doing brand management of designer Keta Gutmane, we the team of three visited Première Vision the fabric show and Void showroom for displaying Keta's AW14 collection. Considering AW14 is her first season and that the team is still a bit green, what we gained is practical experience in the industry on communication, order sheets, meetings, business structures, buyer specifics, competition and more. Keta is now working on the next collection and we will now start practically implementing knowledge gained.

During fashion week, a gallery turns into Void for 5 days
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kaisa kahu  •  Sep 26, 2013

Coming up: Zürich and Paris

Cold autumn is good for strategic planning ahead. With her new business cards straight out of printing house, boasting beautiful minimal design by Tõnu Runnel of Fraktal, Thindividual has made plans for its regular Zürich trip in November, followed by one to Paris later on in February 2014. Follow-up of Zürich art contacts of Thindividual's own inhouse painter, Ritums Ivanovs, will be in order, to continue with planning ahead the year 2014 when Riga will take on the task of European Cultural Capital. In Paris, the fashionable Team Gutmane of four (the designer, the business manager, an advisor and a project coord) shall be attending Première Vision, the world’s premier fabric show where all the fashionistas and designers of the oh so seasonal and cyclic fashion world will be acquiring their materials for upcoming collections and establishing contacts for seasons to come. Team Gutmane will be shopping up for the next collection of Latvian fashion designer Keta Gutmane to be shown in various European venues that cannot be disclosed as yet. Keep in touch! .) 
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