Throughout July and August, Thindividual and the designer managed the transport 
and communication of the heavy and complicated installation with the parties in the US. 
After successful delivery and handled legal matters, the piece has been delivered and 
the exhibition  will take place in the World Chess Hall of Fame, Saint Louis, the US, 
and will explore the archetypes of a queen. The collective whole highlights 
relationships between power, risk-taking and the queen’s evolving feminine 
roles in chess and society. Works from radical and experimental designers will 
be used to highlight the queen archetypes in fashion and identify relationships 
with the cultural collective unconscious and traditions of storytelling. Keta 
Gutmane's work will stand next to such grandees and icons of the fashion 
world as Alexander McQueen, Henrik Vibskov, Hussein Chalayan, Jean Paul 
Gaultier and Maison Martin Margiela. Produced by an international team of 
thought-leaders, curators, fashion insiders, and chess players, the exhibition 
focuses on the how storytelling as well as the various archetypes of the queen 
have captured the imagination of innovative fashion designers.

Gutmane's installation, the "Room Story" was created for the concept
and idea of the fashion short film "Creak" (directed by Martins
Grauds, 2010) and the inspiration of the project is based on the
perception of space where we live and dwell in every day and on the
research of the pattern combinations made from parquet flooring
planks. In the process of numerous experiments, textile material was
created in author technique that consists of oak tree grain and
texture, the pattern of which is made to accurately repeat the
combination of parquet floor pattern mosaic, bending in a way how
systematic 3D modules do.

“There is something fascinating about the game of chess and the
queen’s role within it. She breaks the rules. She does what she wants
on the board. When we began to research how this kind of thinking has
an influence on fashion – and specifically among the private
collection pieces that became the starting point for the show – we
knew that there was an important story to tell,” said Sofia Hedman,
the London-based curator of A Queen Within. Hedman has curated and
designed numerous exhibitions in London, Tokyo and Stockholm. Her
central area of interest and expertise is conceptual fashion and art,
and the history of fashion combined with a keen commitment to
experimental fashion curation.

The World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) is a nonprofit organization
committed to building awareness for the cultural and artistic
significance of chess. It opened 2011, in St. Louis, USA and is housed
in an historic 15,900 square-foot building that includes three floors
of galleries.

The exhibition "A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion and Chess"
 is open October 19, 2013 - April 18, 2014

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